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Hey, I'm Bre!

A Busy Boy mama, Nutrition and Fitness fanatic, joy seeker, coffee addict and Music Teacher here to help you transform your life into something truly Beautiful!

Do you dream of an amazing life full of self-love, confidence, simplicity and joy? Do you dream of being around a LONG time for your family, living out a healthy life being able to live life to it's fullest?

You, my gorgeous friend, are a natural diamond. You have the ability to transform into anything you want to be. You have the strength and power within you, and I'm going to show you how to cut through the noise, uncomplicate things, and truly create a life of beauty and freedom.


Brianne Thompson Health Coaching

Words From my TRIBE...


B and B- Bre and Beachbody. Together, they changed my life. Accountability gave me the ability to get my life back on track.


Bre inspires me and her classes are fun! I look forward to participating in a Pound class each week. 

In addition to being in her classes, she also coaches me which is how this all began for me. Since starting this life challenge in February 2019 Bre continues to support and motivate me each day!


It is obvious that bre loves what she does. Shes real and genuine, and just amazing! Id never be where i am today in my fitness journey if it wasn't for her! She never gives up on you, and you'll always feel like her top priority. You're in the best hands with Bre!!

Getting Started Right

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Connect with me

I believe every mother can live a life of simplcity, balance, happiness and joy. I believe you can be a good mother, be proud of your body and still appreciate the amazing gifts if gave you at the same time. I believe you can reach your goals, be a good role modle for your kids and feel beautiful. 

I specialize in making fitness and nutrition simple and individualized to a person's goals and body. I value honesty, integrity, optimism and trust. 

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My goal is for my clients to be motivated and ready to embrace change, through an open mind, positive attitude, and an open heart. With my help, I know you can reach your dream body, mental-state and life. 

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