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Confident & Thriving Academy

Learn to Conquer your Nutrition

Raise your hand if you are tired of yo-yo dieting. Yup. I thought so. Me too!!! That is the number one reason why I created my Confident and Thriving Nutrition Program. In this 12-week program I teach you how to track your macros. I put you into a macro bracket to get your best results and have you dropping a consistent 1-2 pounds per week, even after you've been stalled for over a year. I then teach you how to do this on your own so you can keep thriving after you are out of the program. The best part about this program- you learn to eat for LIFE. We create a lifestyle program, the YOU program, where you will never feel deprived, get to enjoy those foods you love, and learn to make this a lifestyle change instead of a yo-yo diet. I run this program 4 times a year. I bring new people on in January, April, July, October. If you are interested in joining the next 12-week program, please reach out to me via email: as these spots fill up VERY quick and I only take on 10 new clients each round. 

Life Coach

What do you get in this program?

In this program you get:

Weekly one on one meetings with me (either via zoom or in person) to go over your previous week, look at what you could have changed and what went well and tweak your meal plan to keep you seeing results. 

Weely custom made meal plans until you get the hang of making your own meal plan. 

Weekly support group meetings as a group to connect, build community, talk about real life current issues you are having and get tons of help on overcoming them. You'll also get to share what has been going right and get to help others. 

You get entry into ALL of my fitness classes (again either through in person or zoom) for the entire 12 weeks. This is 5 classes a week!!! 

Who is this for?

If you are looking for a quick fix diet where I tell you what to eat to drop weight- THIS IS NOT FOR YOU. 

If you are looking for something you can do as a quick fix where you drop tons of weight fast and then give up and go back to your old ways- THIS IS NOT FOR YOU. 

If you are willing to put in the work to learn your body and how you should be fueling it. If you are willing to have an open mind and consistently drop 1-2 pounds a week but KEEP IT OFF FOR LIFE. THIS IS FOR YOU. 

Truth is- this isn't for everyone. This is for those who are tired of where they are and are ready to move on and live their best life. Will it be easy? Heck no- but the best things in life never are. 

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