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Getting the kids involved in Nutrition

Today is the day. I unlocked my elimination diet program, watched the videos, printed the material and got started on my first meal plan to feeling better and healing from the inside out.

I gave the kids the option of doing this with me and explained they would have to give up the packed goodies, the cookies and chips etc. and guess what...... they decided they were IN and sat down with the foods list and made their own daily plan to stay within the allotted foods and cut out the food groups that contain a lot of allergens. Best part I know they will stick to it because THEY made it!!

It will be more work for me (as I will now have to prep food for 5 people weekly) but it will be so worth it. Looking forward to taking on this adventure together (oh and the kids…. Yeah… they are just as excited and are wanting to do the workouts with me as well).

Make getting healthy a family adventure. Show them it is worth it to take care of yourself. Make it fun. Trust me- if you teach them NOW - chances are they won’t have to go through the pain and difficulty you’ve gone through to “get back on track” because it will be ingrained in them!

I will be sharing our journey on this blog through written and pictures.

Thanks for joining us!!

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