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Just keep going

Not having support can be hard. Especially when you are just starting your journey- but here is the thing. There will ALWAYS be doubters and haters and people who want to see you fail. There will always be those that are afraid to see you succeed. You have to just keep going. You have to put yourself first. You can't let them get in your head. I know- easier said than done- right?

When I first started my journey I was in a dark place. I was over-eating, I was scared to start and fail, I hated my body and never wanted my husband to see me (which put a strain on our relationship), I cried an awful lot, never wanted to go out in public and never wanted my picture taken.

My friends at work would tell me to "love my body for the kids it bore, accept my body in the present because it wasn't going to change." I was a size 16 and was only 30 years old- I had so much life to live and it was about time I started doing just that- so I said SCREW THEM!!! I was bound and determined to show them just what I was capable of.

Along the way there were haters. You know, those women who were angry I was doing what they wanted to do and instead of joining me they put me down. They told me that I should be ASHAMED of myself for taking time away from my kids and that I was being SELFISH. what?!?! I was waking up at 5am to workout, while my kids were still sleeping so I didn't take time away from them and here people were putting me down.

Today I can look back and know I did the right thing. I know that focusing on myself has made me a better mom and a better wife. I have more energy, more patience, more focus. I am happier and more positive and its rubbing off on those around me. I also learned that I don't need to take negativity from anyone. I had a right to control who I let into my circle and who I don't. That being said, I let some people go. Know what? It only made room for the right people to enter my life. I have a TRIBE of AMAZING and POSITIVE women who motivate me and inspire me.

Don't let anyone get in your head. You deserve to live a life you love. You deserve to be happy and positive and hit all the goals you set. You also deserve the right people in your life to help support you. If you aren't getting that in your current situation you have the power to change that.



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