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Stop with the excuses

"I'm to old"

"I'm to overweight"

"I'm to out of shape"

"I'm to busy"

"I'm to broke"

You may feel valid in your thinking but these are all just excuses.

Yes, we are aging every day- but do you want to continue to feel 20 years older than you really are- or do you want to feel 20 years younger.

Yes, you may be overweight and out of shape right now- but this is only your day 1 and just think about how if you started today, even modifying, how amazing you'll feel when you hit day 21. Everyone has a starting point. Love yourself enough in this moment to say that you are worth it. Love yourself enough today to prepare your body for a future.

I'm to busy- really? For real?! You are throwing that one out there?!? WE ARE ALL BUSY. We live in a society today that makes us busy. No longer are the days of women staying home and accomplishing the housework while spending time with the kids and having time to devote to your spouse after he gets home from providing for the family. We work 9-5 jobs. Sometimes we work a side hustle. We have to squeeze spending time with the kids and the spouse into the evening hours, amongst our other priorities like straightening up, preparing for the next day, making the meals, rushing children to after school activities and helping them with homework. However there IS still time in your day to eat healthy and to exercise. It may seem hard to find the time, but it is there, I promise you. I just happen to be an amazing mentor at helping you locate it.

I'm broke. I get it. I honest to God do. I know what it is like to live paycheck to paycheck. I even know what it is like to live beyond paycheck to paycheck, feeling so overextended that you don't know where to find the money for groceries. However, I will tell you that the longer you wait to start, the harder it is to begin. Extra weight can add health stress that will add up to doctors bills and overeating (more money on groceries). The money, like the time, is also there. We just have to budget for a month or two to find it. I also happen to be an amazing mentor on budgeting, learning where there are hidden finances, where to cut costs, and how to eventually pay off all of your debt and put money into savings. I've been there. I have walked the long hard walk and now I can help you do the same.

Here is the thing ladies. I have been where you are all right now. Feeling defeat and failure. Yo-yo dieting. Feeling overwhelmed. There are too many quick fixes out there that look great, you try them- lose money and self esteem but never the weight.

Backstory- I am a mother to three boys. My first child came right after I was married and was born with special needs. He was hospitalized for many months in the beginning of his life and due to that I was a train wreck. I cried all the time, never slept and overate on horrible hospital food. When he was a year old we started to get things under control with his condition and I found out- I was pregnant again- with twins. That was a long hard pregnancy. I was on bedrest and ate and never exercised. When I had the twins I was around 180 pounds and my body was completely stretched out. I had no time- I stayed at home until they were 1 year old and it was contant feedings and changings- then I went to work and felt the guilt of being the working mother. I had no money- I was way overextended.

But ladies, I had to start somewhere! My confidence was low, my anxiety was high, and I was losing myself. So what did I do- I started to eat healthier and started walking on my lunch break with a friend. I started to get more energy and lose a little weight and then I started an at home workout program and meal plan. I LOST 13 INCHES IN 21 DAYS!!! That is what hooked me and I've never looked back since. If I can do this with everything stacked against me- I know that you can too. I believe in you and I will continue believing in you until you believe in yourself enough to stand on your own two feet.

Lets do this! Lets get started! Lets jump into the New Year already on our way to the healthiest year ever. Are you ready? Send me an email so I can be your mentor and cheerleader along this journey.

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